The Boston Senior Fellows program shares the same objectives and formational structure as the design for younger professionals. But it provides the focus, facilitation, context, and rhythms to accommodate the life-and-work commitments most common to those farther along in their career paths and about age 35+. 

The Senior Fellows program has four points of delivery:

  • Daily individual spiritual exercises followed by all members of your cohort.
  • Every-other-week round-table meeting and discussion of curated reading list with your church cohort, with mutual support and prayer.
  • Teaching Saturdays once monthly with all other cohorts.
  • 3 quarterly 9a-9p spiritual formation days with other Senior Fellows cohorts.

Senior Fellows are expected to attend all meetings and events in the program year, except on work-related travel.

Boston Senior Fellows are expected to make themselves available to meet once monthly, one-on-one, to mentor a Boston Fellow during the program year.