December 5,10a.m.-3p.m.

church of the cross/ruggles baptist church

874 beacon st.

Boston, ma

"For in its welfare you will find your welfare," wrote the prophet, after instructing the Jewish exiles to pray for the land they inhabited. We manage our personal finances for the service of God and neighbor. But what about our collective resources?

  • How do we order our common economic life?
  • Are there economic policies Christians should categorically endorse, reject?
  • What about the poor and disadvantaged in a merit-based marketplace?
  • What about when orthodox believers disagree? 

Come hear economists Stephen L.S. Smith and Nathan Barczi in dialog, with others joining the conversation. 

Bring your toughest questions and strongest convictions.

Nathan Barczi.png

Nathan Barczi is the Associate Pastor at Christ the King in Cambridge, MA. Prior to coming on staff at CTK, Nathan worked for seven years as an economist for The Brattle Group, after completing a doctorate in Economics at MIT. He has served as an elder at CTK since 2006, and also holds an MA in theology from the University of Nottingham (PhD expected 2018). 

Stephen Smith is a Professor of Economics and Business at Gordon College. He teaches on international economics, economic development, international political economy, and econometrics. He is the Executive Editor of Faith & Economics which aims to advance Christian ethical reflection and Christian scholarship in and about economics.