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Whether your career is soaring or stuck in traffic, you need to know deep down what your work is about, beyond a paycheck, a good career move, or even that dream job. The Boston Fellows are equipped with the intellectual tools, spiritual habits, character development, community, and network to run the race well. Envision and plan for a career with meaning and purpose for the greater good of our Boston workplaces and culture, for Christ and His Kingdom. See what alumni have said:



The Fellows program runs Labor Day to Memorial Day. In these nine months, Fellows engage seminal texts for a theology of work and culture: God’s commitment to his Creation, the importance he gives to their work, why the needs of the most vulnerable matter to God, our role in culture-making, and how to bring change and maintain hope in a world of fallen institutions.

Once a week, Fellows gather in small groups to share food, discuss the week's readings, apply truth to their lives, pray for and encourage each other.

Once a month the groups come together for in-depth teaching from subject-matter experts. Our roster changes yearly. Among past presenters: 


Strengthening our insights and capacity is only part of the work. Personal growth requires good soil and cultivation. The heart of the Boston Fellows program is the development of habits of the heart, classic spiritual disciplines and perspectives to help you grow long beyond the program year. It’s all off-the-job training. Just as athletes and soldiers and surgeons practice their skills until these become literally a “second nature,” so we entrench ourselves in practices designed to form our souls.


It really does make all the difference. Our tech-savvy, social-media empowered world has connected ideas, people, and resources in ways our world has never experienced before. The darker side of this hyper-connectivity, many digital natives regretfully realize, is a life of fragmented identities and superficial relationships. Join a group of peers committed to something much more, eternal ends.


Jump Into Adventure

Fellows also share in outdoor adventures during three weekend retreats—close to Labor Day, mid-winter, and near Memorial Day—in partnership with the peerless La Vida Center for Outdoor Education and Leadership. Fellows take a break, enjoy God’s creation, bond with each other, and get time alone with God to reflect. Fellows push themselves—a little or a lot—in outdoor experiences following La Vida’s “challenge by choice” philosophy.


The program spans nine months (September-May). Fellows commit to (1) read 50+ pages of graduate-level, theologically-informed writing (or audio/video presentations) weekly, (2) practice personal devotional disciplines of 15+ minutes daily as specified by the church hosting their cohort, and (3) participate in the program schedule:

  • Weekly roundtable discussions of ancient and modern texts applying the Bible and theology to daily life and work, in a small-group cohort facilitated by a participating local church.

  • A monthly “Teaching Saturday” for greater depth and community-building, featuring recognized speakers, bringing together all participating cohorts.

  • Three spiritual formation weekends to go deeper still, as a group and individually, hearing from God and enjoying his creation through outdoor recreation, and connecting with one another.

Participation in the program normally requires that applicants be living and working at a job in Greater Boston by August 1. (Contact us in writing to apply for an exception.) The program leadership gladly opens its professional network and career resources in the city to qualified program applicants, but applicants are solely responsible for securing this position.

2019-2020 dates

It's understood that Fellows may have to miss occasionally, for work-related travel or important personal commitments. (We don't define these.)

Spiritual Formation weekends (Friday after work to Sunday 2p):

  • Sep 13-15

  • Jan 10-12

  • May 8-10

Teaching Saturdays (10a to 3p):

  • Oct 19

  • Nov 23

  • Dec 14

  • Feb 15

  • Mar 14

  • Apr 18



2019-2020 tuition is $925 and covers all program activities, books, and materials. Need-based financial assistance is available.

Tuition fees cover less than half of the actual cost of the program. We have received generous grants from donors in the past, and hope to see this help renewed in 2019-2020.

A $150 non-refundable deposit is due within 15 days of acceptance to the program. This deposit counts toward the Fellow's tuition.


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