Walking this path with other motivated like-minded people really does make all the difference. Our tech-savvy, social-media empowered world has connected ideas, people, and resources in ways we have never experienced before. The darker side of this hyper-connectivity, many twentysomethings complain of, is a life of fragmented identities and superficial relationships (David Kim, 20 and Something, 64).

The Fellows' weekly gatherings are built around a shared meal with ample time and space to connect, listen, and encourage one another. Meaningful work requires interdependent communities in mind, body, and strength.

During three long-weekend retreats, Fellows from all the church cohorts come together to get away and enjoy God’s creation, bond with each other, and get time alone with God to reflect. Fellows push themselves, a little or a lot, through outdoor experiences in partnership with the peerless LaVida Center for Outdoor Education and Leadership and  their “challenge by choice” philosophy.