Collects        \ˈkä-likt also -ˌlekt\ short for oratio ad collectam, prayer upon assembly)

Heavenly Father, may your name be
glorified in our work today. I lift up to you
and ask your blessing upon each person
who works here. May those who know
you be filled with your presence and
strengthened to do their work according
to your will. May they conduct
themselves so that those who do not yet
know you may see your light shine
through them. May those who do not yet
know you have their blindness to you
healed. You know precisely what each
person needs so I ask that your special
favour would rest upon ... (use a team or
phone list if you have time). Lord, may
your hand also be upon each client who
comes through our front door, and upon
each person who phones, writes or
emails. May your blessing and
protection be upon each meeting, letter,
email and call in which the team are
involved today. All this we ask in the
name of your son Jesus so that your
name may be glorified.


Father, thank you for: a job to do
resources to use people to celebrate skills to create.
Thank you for: a productto produce a service to provide a
challenge to meet people to benefit.
Thank you for: a budget to honour a
boss to please a deadline to beat a
standard to meet. Thank you for: the
contribution I have made the money I
am paid the reward of serving Christ in
all, in all, in all of this.


We commit our work to you, O God.
Make us instruments of your grace,
ministers in your service, and creators in
your kingdom. Help us to serve the
needs of others, to persevere in truth, to
persist in prayer, and at all times to seek
your will; so that in all our daily work
begun, continued and ended in you, we
may glorify your holy name. We make
this pledge and prayer in the name of
Jesus Christ our Lord.

Father of lights, the source of all good gifts, in whom there is no shadow, you have made us regents over the provinces of your creation, and endowed us with humbling capacities to bring order out of chaos. May our tools serve your kingdom, and serve our neighbor. Forbid that the work of our hands ever take your place, or that our tools enslave us. That we may stand before you, approved in the work of our hands. Through your Son the Creator, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


All that I am, Lord, I place into your hands. All that I do, Lord, I place into your hands. Everything I work for, I place into your hands. Everything I hope for, I place into your hands. The troubles that weary me, I place into your hands. Thoughts that disturb me, I place into your hands. Each that I pray for, I place into your hands. Each that I care for, I place into your hands.


Help me today, Father, to live a life worthy of you — to seek to bear fruit in every good work, to grow in the knowledge of God, to be strengthened with all power, to have great endurance and patience, and in all things to give thanks to you.