"There are three conversions necessary to every man: the head, the heart and the purse."

-Martin Luther

  • What does God's Word really say about money?
  • Is God pleased with what my bank statement says about me? 
  • How can I feel confident of being a good steward in my personal finances?

Few areas of life present as many challenges to faithful service of God and neighbor as our use of money. Few topics in the Bible receive more attention. Come join a conversation with seasoned advisors in this crucial area.

Yvonne Mitto is the New England Executive Director of Compass- finances God's way. She develops strategic partnerships with leaders of churches, para-church organizations, businesses, educational institutions, community organizations and the media to equip individuals in the area of financial stewardship and to foster a culture of generosity in New England and New York State. Additionally, she provides leadership for all staff and volunteers of Compass in the New England and New York State area.

The program will include small-group workshops with financial coaches on:

  • Saving and investing
  • Personal budgeting
  • Giving/charity
  • Dealing with debt