How we equip you as emerging leaders to serve God and neighbor in the working world


The Boston Fellows program aims to facilitate the practice of daily devotional time with God, with silence and solitude forming the context for prayer and Bible reading/reflection, in common with the rest of your cohort. In addition, we facilitate specific practices/disciplines for spiritual development: an approach to spiritual formation (Dallas Willard, James K.A. Smith, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, et al.); the practice of Sabbath/leisure; “fasting” from electronics on special occasions; simplicity (the conditions of the Spiritual Formation Weekends); group prayer for vocational and personal concerns; corporate worship (church attendance); and other exercises (solo times, prayer, worship, reflections on seasons of the church year, outdoor activities, etc.).


Primarily during the first half of the year, the program aims to give you a solid biblical framework and theological perspectives for understanding work, your job, and Christian involvement in the world in general: Sabbath/leisure (Margaret Hothem); the Creation/Fall/Redemption/Restoration story (Amy Sherman, Al Wolters); contemporary culture; issues of vocation/calling/gifting (Prayer for the workplace; Leading Lives that Matter; Teaching Saturdays); ways to view and respond to the contemporary world; Science and faith; engagement with public life; and living in view of the age to come (McDonough); and many shorter readings.


The program aims to develop a community of young adults committed to serving God and neighbor in the working world for the welfare of Greater Boston, through involvement with their church’s cohort and the other cohorts, and with program facilitators. It attempts to achieve this objective by facilitating relationships and shared concerns through the weekly meeting, facilitating opportunities to voice personal advances and challenges, prayer for one another, informal social contexts (shared food, conducive atmosphere), and periods of intense communion (conditions of Spiritual Formation Weekends).


The program aims to connect you with best practices and more senior Christians in the working world and their experience.


The program attempts to inform interested candidates about the Boston Fellows year and its requirements. The program aims to facilitate the process of application and admission, communicates about program activities during the program year, arranges logistics for meetings and activities, for delivery of texts/materials, and finances (tuition, reimbursements)—all for good value (tuition cost, time invested).