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Work, Study, Pray, in Community.


Work, Study, Pray, in Community.

The Boston Fellows program equips emerging leaders to serve Christ and neighbor in the working world.
We are passionate about workplace excellence, about the well-being of Greater Boston, and about Christ-like living. 

For the nine months of the program, September to May, Fellows join a cohort in a local church (see below) and commit to the following:

Reading 50-100 pages of thoughtful literature (or audio/video presentations) weekly applying the Bible and theology to daily life and work.

Practicing personal devotional disciplines of 15+ minutes daily as specified by their church cohort.

Participating in the program schedule:

  • Weekly roundtable discussions of these ancient and modern texts, in a small-group cohort facilitated by a participating local church.
  • A monthly “Teaching Saturday” for greater depth and community-building, featuring recognized speakers, bringing together all participating cohorts.
  • Three weekend retreats over the year to go deeper still, as a group and individually, hearing from God and enjoying his creation through outdoor experiences. 

Church cohorts

Church Cohort Directors

Dave Ripper, Grace Chapel
I have been astounded to see the importance of work in the Bible. God himself is a worker. God put Adam and Eve in the garden to tend it and to work it. Jesus says, “My Father is working until now, and I am working.” (John 5:17) So being excellent workers is fundamental to who God has made us to be, and to fulfilling our calling here on this earth.

Yet most Christians have not received adequate training on how to live out their life in the workplace. Here at Grace Chapel, we believe that the move of the Spirit is toward faith and work initiatives. We want to help our young adult leaders live out their life in the workplace every day. The Boston Fellows program will help our people bring the gospel into every aspect of their life. It’s what whole-life discipleship is all about. 781-862-6499 x121
781-862-6499 x121 617-320-1346

Nathan Barczi, Christ the King
At Christ the King Cambridge, the Boston Fellows program provides space for young professionals to reflect, biblically and theologically, on their vocation, in the community of the local church, and for the lasting good of the city. Our vision is that Fellows would be discipled in their vocations and integrated into the life of the church through meaningful relationships with one another, and with expert mentors and pastors. Above all, we long for them to taste and see the goodness of the God who has called them into their work, even as He has offered them rest in Jesus. (978)-828-7265


Kelly Madden, Church of the Cross
"I wish there had been a program like this when I was getting started.”

That's how senior professionals typically respond when I describe the Boston Fellows. So few of them have had the resources to dig into the meaning of vocation, or to develop specific spiritual habits to sustain them on their career track. Let alone the close company of peers helping each other excel in these pursuits! So it’s my delight to help facilitate our cohort here at Church of the Cross, in addition to directing the Boston Fellows program overall.

Learn more about what our nine-month experience looks like